Extra virgin olive oil ecologico

San Francisco Olive Organic is our organic extra virgin olive oil line. In his name we find the name of our factory, San Francisco, to highlight its traditional character and Olive that adds a touch of quality and modernity of our brand.

It the line for authentic and natural things lovers , those people who enjoy the flavors of the best traditional extra virgin olive oils 100% natural .

San Francisco Olive Organic

"100% natural"

Juice made from the Picual variety, in a manufacturing process that lasts no more than 5 hours from harvest to production ensuring the highest levels of quality.

This extra virgin olive oil its organic certified, which means that in the areas where the olives are grown have not been used chemicals, or pesticides or any other thing than natural products, ensuring that these juices are 100% natural. Organic status is certified by the CAAE.

The result is a picual EVOO of a greenish golden color, with tomatoe plant aromas, almonds, artichoke, and light touches of fresh grass. Its flavor is powerful, with a bitter edge, elegant and balanced spiceness that makes it ideal for daily use at the kitchen, to be used raw as for stewing or frying.

250ml Tin
2L Pet
2.5L Tin
5L Pet
5L Tin
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