Esencial Olive Gourmet

In our attempt to offer unique experiences to your palate Oleicola San Francisco we have decided to introduce different products with Extra Virgin Olive Oil in its essence but linked to our land and our olive grove.

That's why we offer our range Esencial Olive Gourmet, of which we are sure will amaze your senses giving it new and exciting flavors and pairings with which to enjoy amazing and unique dishes , all with the highest quality and all the benefits of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Artisan chocolate made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil sweet cream

Esencial Olive - Artisan chocolate made with extra virgin olive oil

An artisan chocolate with all the benefits of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil. with these chocolates we have tried to get a healthier product and at the same time tasty. These chocolates replace animal fats with extra virgin olive oil getting the perfect excuse to eat more chocolate.

Made by hand, and using it our best extra virgin olive oil, The result is a chocolate highly appreciated by our customers. With all the best chocolate flavor and a wide variety of flavors that will delight the most demanding palates

Esencial Olive - Extra virgin olive oil sweet cream

"EVOO mermelade"

Without any doubt a singular product with incredible possibilities. Extra Virgin Olive Oil sweet cream is a sweet cream that may remember us to the taste of green apple mermelade taste that will be transformes to the unmistakable flavor of our Esencial Olive – November leaving us on the palate the most genuine after taste to the best early extra virgin olive oil .

All a unique experience when used with cheeses, or pates or more elaborate dishes like salads or crepes with Serrano ham and melted cheese. Stop dreaming, This unique flavor is up to your hand!!

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