Cosmetics prepared with olive oil

Since the Egyptian times olive oil has been used in cosmetic applications, or applying it directly over the skin or hair or using it as a base for more elaborated products. From then until now this use has continued.

With the application of the latest technologies, these traditional cosmetics have reached levels of quality and efficiency much higher, Hence today the Extra virgin olive oil is a defendant ingredient in these products. Discover what the extra virgin olive oil can do for you and your skin.

Hand soap Bath gel Shampoo

Body Milk Handcream Facial cream

Oleocosmetic - Hand soap

The evolution of the traditional olive oil soap, with Aloe Vera, Lavender or Lemon. The best properties of the best Extra virgin olive oil for your skin care.

Moisturize and nourishes your skin with this soap, combining the experience of tradition with the most modern cosmetics.

Aloe Vera

Oleocosmetic - Handcream

This is a hand cream made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil is highly valued for whom the test. Leaves no greasy feeling, It is rapidly absorbed and pleasant aroma. Olive oil moustourizing properties and its high antioxidant content make this cream a powerful ally in the care of our skin.

Hands cream 250ml, with extra virgin olive oil. For the best hydration and softness to your hands.

crema de manos
250ml tube

Oleocosmetic - Shampoo

Shampoo prepared with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, rich in plant-based ingredients that gently cleanses without damaging the hair. Its nourishing and moisturizing properties provide softness and shine, thus enabling easier hairdo. Product for all hair types.

Leaves no greasy feeling, and it is not contraindicated for greasy hair, Unlike.

leverages all the healthy properties of the best EVOO in your hair, with a silky and shiny result.

250ml package

Oleocosmetic -Body Milk

Due to its balanced formula, of smooth texture and rapid absorption, moisturizes and protects all types of skin adding elasticity addition and providing an attractive natural shine. It is ideal for daily use.

It is rich in essential fatty acids which prevent premature skin aging, stretch marks and wrinkles.

It has nourishing properties, moisturizers, antioxidants, healing, soothing, wetting and refreshing.

body milk
250ml package

Oleocosmetic - Bath gel

The bath gel prepared with Extra virgin olive oil It brings softness, and nourishes the skin elasticity. Further more, It contains a pleasant aroma to olive oil, giving the body a clean and fresh scent, and producing a relaxing effect on the body.

Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil in cosmetics provides numerous properties for its major content of monounsaturated fatty acids, the oleyl fatty acid; essential fatty acids not synthesized our own body, Linoleic and linolenic; and minor components such as vitamins A, D, E and K, polyphenols, tocopherols, Oleocanthal, etc.

Gel de baño elaborado con aceite de oliva
250ml package

Oleocosmetic - Facial wrinkle cream

The combination of components in its production enhance the antioxidant power, so, Anti-aging of Extra virgin olive oil.

It contains retinyl palmitate with a high anti wrinkle power and anti stain. Also hyaluronic acid increasing your skins elasticity. Supplemented all this with a sunblocker that protects our skin from the negative effects of sunlight.

These elements naturally fight the damaging effects of oxidative stress, which causes aging. Provides moisture and helps soothing effect and anti-stress action, It can be seen from the early days of use.

It has a nice soft texture that leaves no greasy trace. Easily absorbed and pleasant aroma.

Crema antiarrugas
50ml jar
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